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About Heliotex™ Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

Since its founding in 2008, Heliotex has become the industry leader is automatic solar panel cleaning systems. We have developed both residential/small business systems as well as commercial systems. Heliotex has worked with manufacturers of solar panels, adhesives, parts and tool design and fabrication and water pumps, as well as engineers, government agencies and integrators.

Working with these experts Heliotex has developed automatic solar panel cleaning systems that are effective, do not damage or invalidate warranties on solar panels; utilize cleaning concentrates that are biodegradable, even over time as well as comply with the U.S. E.P.A. list of Designed for Environment (D.F.E.) components in the formulation of the cleaning concentrate.

We have installed rooftop, ground mount and carport installations. Heliotex can provide you with the experience necessary to ensure that you installation is correctly designed, that materials utilized will be durable and effective and that your panels will be cleaned without any damage.

Your solar panel systems cost you dollars per watt to install. Heliotex will recover lost power at pennies per watt. No manual cleaning system can compare in Return on Investment.