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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Commercial Systems Each commercial solar panel system is unique and requires PDF drawings and a completed customer checklist to determine the correct design after factoring in customer requirements. The key requirement for us is access to water. As long as we have water we can install a system. If the water pressure and volume are inadequate for the installation, we can provide holding tanks and surface pumps to create our own pressurized systems. System prices are lower where water supply is good. This allows us to avoid tanks and pumps as well as allowing more nozzles per zone valve; thus less zone valves and the fewer the zone valves; the smaller or less automatic programmable controllers. For commercial installations we provide system design, material supply and oversight on the installation. For residents of California, Arizona or Nevada, you can rest assured that our installation crews are trained to masterfully install your commercial solar panel system. We will work with you to provide training in other locations - Just give us a call today at  to get a free quote.

The amount of power lost every day due to buildup of pollutants, such as smokestacks, exhaust systems, jet aircraft, animal farms, wind, rain, agricultural sprays, or dust varies with every location. While the percentages vary among locations, monitoring can determine the actual amount of power lost each day.

 The most diligent of owners who clean normally do it approximately every three months. Doing this ensures that your panels are clean for 100 days over a 25 year life cycle of which there is 9,125 days (excluding leap years). In actual practice, most owners only wash their panels about once or twice a year. While rain may assist in removing some of the debris, it does not clean. It also provides a way for pollutants in the air to stick to the panels. The mounting angle of the panels may also contribute to dirt and dust buildup. Flat or nearly flat mounted panels retain more of their dirt and debris.

The bottom line is that all experts agree that failure to clean a panel will result in power loss. No manual cleaning service over the lifetime of the panels can compare in return on investment to our automatic solar panel cleaning system. Our system affords you the opportunity to keep your panels clean every day, not just 2 to 4 days a year. This will result in:

We encourage you to compare return on investment numbers with any manual cleaning option.

In order to compare the R.O.I. for our systems versus manual cleaning, click on one of the buttons below. There is a worksheet for new systems (which incorporates the additional tax breaks available to new systems) and there is another worksheet for existing systems. Both of these worksheets allow you to enter values for your specific area. As you enter the values it will update the rest of the sheet automatically. There are also places for you to enter additional costs or benefits you feel need to be added for your specific installation.

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