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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Residential Systems Heliotex has residential/small business systems available for systems up to 300 panels.  The system affixes nozzles directly to the solar panels with an adhesive so no penetrations are made in the solar panel frame.  The component housing which is located on the ground contains a five gallon soap reservoir and the components necessary for the system.    

The system has an automatic controller that provides for independent wash or rinse cycles.  We recommend more frequent rinsing so as to avoid any fractional daily loss of power as well as buildup of soiling which makes it more difficult for wash cycles.  The key to keeping panels clean is to not allow them to get dirty.

The system uses our soap concentrate that is specifically formulated to remove the dirt and debris before it bakes on.  There is also a sediment filter that contains water softener media, which will assist with water treatment, but is not a replacement for water treatment if your location has hard water. For most standard solar panels for home systems, the soap concentrate and the filter need to be replaced every six to nine months depending on system size and the frequency at which you schedule wash cycles.

Water pressure, water volume and water quality are important.  Most municipal water systems and home wells provide sufficient water pressure and volume for our systems.  For underperforming systems, we can provide booster pumps if necessary. Water quality is also important.  Hard water can create spotting which can damage a solar panel if it builds up.  Spraying hard water from a hose is not recommended. For our systems, we recommend testing your water for hardness.  If you have hard water at your home, you may wish to install a whole house water softener.  If not, we can provide small softeners that will provide a sufficient amount of water for our systems.

Remember that when you purchase a solar power system you are paying dollars per watt.  Heliotex systems can be installed at cents per watt, yet every watt of electricity that we recover is just as valuable as those for which you paid dollars.

Loss figures vary dramatically between sites and types of installations.  We have encountered losses over 50% at some locations.  While this is the exception, remember all of the factors that can impact your particular location.  Your inverters can monitor your output.  A simple way to determine your loss is to obtain the readings one day at noon.  Have your system manually cleaned and then check the output the following day at noon.  Assuming that the weather has been clear for both days, you will be able to determine the amount of power you were losing.  Remember that power loss between cleanings is cumulative and each day you are losing a fraction more until a cleaning occurs.

Having a Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System also reduces the likelihood of damage to your roof with manual cleaners, reduced liability of someone falling off of your roof, power loss between cleanings and an increased return on your investment. When our system is installed with a new solar power system, our system also qualifies for the same 30% tax credit to you.  This credit is not available for existing systems installed in a prior year.  Check with your C.P.A.. 

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