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Manual Solar Panel Cleaning

Manual Solar Panel Cleaning and the Damage Done

Manual Solar Panel Cleaning and the Damage Done One of the least discussed aspects of solar panel ownership is the loss of production due to airborne particles (such as dust and atmospheric pollutants), bird droppings, tree leaves, and saps. This issue is normally glossed over by dealers selling commercial and home solar panels. Why? Because solar panel cleaning can be difficult and expensive.

The purchase of solar panels represents a significant investment. Allowing solar panels to become dirty due to airborne particles, bird droppings, and tree leaves can greatly diminish your solar power output, meaning you aren't getting the production you paid for. Today the most common way to clean solar panels is to use dishwashing soap and/or commercial cleaning detergents. Unlike dishwashing in your sink, however, the soap or detergent product sprayed on your panel will ultimately end up coming off of your roof into your yard or decking areas as opposed to down the drain. Consider that:

Home solar panel's constant use of a particular product harm the solar panel glass or the anodized aluminum frame? Solar panel frames tend to be more sensitive than the solar panels themselves. There is a very narrow PH range that is safe for anodized aluminum. This is important so as not to cause damage over time to panel frames.

While some cleaning products indicate that they are environmentally friendly, it is also important to determine whether the product is "safe over time." Using a product once may not cause any harm. However, if you are constantly cleaning, will there be a toxic build up that could kill plants or trees? It is important to thoroughly investigate a product before using it.

The goal of renewable energy sources such as solar panels is to create clean energy and thus reduce the impact of fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases. In that spirit, it is equally as important to remember that we should not waste water or pollute the ground with toxic chemicals.

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