A Hard Water Solution that works

Finally!  Heliotex has dealt with the hard water issue in Southern California since its inception.  We have tried many different options, ranging from reverse osmosis units, water softeners and other types of filters.  We have finally found a solution for hard water spotting.

                The problem in California is the changing mix of water sources.  In Southern California alone, there are five different water agencies.  These agencies use a mix of river water and ground water from wells.  The more ground water, the harder the water normally.  The point here is that hardness levels can vary in a community, making it difficult to determine the correct mix of filters.

                Reverse Osmosis units are expensive and use a lot of water.  Basically, one gallon of discharge for one gallon of water cleaned.  Water softeners have not been that effective.  They also come with the issue of discharge and constant refilling with bags of salt.

                Heliotex is now an authorized dealer for NUVO water systems.  We have been testing the filters for two and one-half years now, both on solar panels and in our homes.  The results have been outstanding.

                While designed primarily for home use to avoid the hard water spotting and etching of toilets and sinks, we have found that the NUVO filter systems have worked beautifully on solar panel arrays.  We have installed them on commercial and residential solar installations and the results have been excellent.

                NUVO offers small and large filter systems, including the main citrus filter for the hard water as well as optional carbon and iron filters for home systems.

                A reminder that new system owners (solar system installed in the same taxable year at the Heliotex systems) are eligible for the current 26% tax credit.

                Please note that the manufacturer is currently running a sale on the larger of the filters, the Manor System.  Between now and April 17, 2020 we can offer an additional $100.00 off the Manor size systems.

                Please contact Heliotex at 760-837-0390 if you would like more information about the NUVO filters.  Existing maintenance customers can have their systems retrofitted with the NUVO filters.  Note that these systems can be installed from the exterior of the home where our Heliotex component box is located and does not require any contact with the homeowner during this Covid-19 outbreak.