Heliotex Solar Panel Cleaning System at Peachy Canyon Winery

               Heliotex announces the installation of our Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System at Peachy Canyon Winery in Paso Robles, California.  Working in conjunction with our partner in the area, Solarponics Inc., Heliotex installed three systems at the Peachy Canyon Winery.  There were two systems on two different buildings and the third was on the Ground Mount System at the winery.  The total system was 850 solar panels.

               We are pleased to be able to assist the Peachy Canyon Winery in maximizing their return on their solar investment.  As we all know, electrical rates are constantly on the rise.  Your solar investment yields a tremendous Return on Investment.  The Heliotex System aids the electrical output of the solar panels by allowing them to achieve their potential.  Dirty panel produce less electricity, that simple.  By not allowing the panels to get dirty, power production is maximized.

               Farming and manufacturing are two examples of industries that can really benefit from solar panels.  Yet often these activities are located in hot dusty areas.  This makes it extremely important to clean the panels more often; particularly so during the summer months which are high production but also high dust and debris times.

               Please contact Heliotex at 760-837-0390 if we can help you with your solar needs.  If you have not selected a solar power integrator, Heliotex can assist you in finding a reliable solar power dealer in your area.