Manual cleaning services now offered for Commercial Systems in California

  Heliotex’s focus is always on our Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems.  However, in an effort to assist commercial clients who do not have an automatic system or who do not have the budget to install an automatic system, we are now offering manual cleaning services in California.


                Heliotex personnel are experienced in dealing with solar panel installations and know what cleaning technique to apply.  In addition, our staff is trained to work on energized solar power systems.  So the work is done correctly and safely.


                We have declined manual cleaning business from some electrical companies who want to subcontract the cleaning to us, but only with a token pass over the panels.  Our object is always to ensure that solar panels are completely cleaned and not just watered for a wet panel photo opportunity.


We can install Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems on challenging layouts with heavy soiling or assist with on-going manual cleaning maintenance if necessary.


                Please contact us at 760-837-0390 if we may assist you in your solar panel cleaning needs or you wish to inquire about an automatic solar panel cleaning system which will simplify future cleaning and assist you in maximizing you return on your solar panel investment.