Heliotex Announces a New Test Unit to Monitor Soiling Loss


               Working in conjunction with a large solar integrator company that supplies electricity to the grid, Heliotex has developed a portable test system to monitor soiling loss at a specific location.


               Our system comes with a large water tank, pumps, soap concentrate reservoir, filter, fluid sensors for monitoring fluid levels and fluid flow, a controller, metering valve and other components mounted on an aluminum framework.  A weather station sensor is also available as an option.


               The unit can be sold with or without monitoring equipment to monitor soiling loss.  If you have your own monitoring sensors and want to utilize your own electronics, we can incorporate them into the test unit.  The test unit can be placed at an existing large array or in a field.  These test units should be spread out every two to four megawatts in large arrays.


               The test unit can be used in several ways, first to monitor soiling loss at an existing large array.  If you do not have water available at a site for installation of a Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System, this unit can be used to let you know the soiling loss at your specific site.  The test unit can be designed to use two full solar panels (one that is cleaned and the other that is used as the control) or two reference cells.  When you see a drop in production, it helps you evaluate whether you have an electrical issue or your loss is attributable to soiling and debris.  It also lets you know when it soiling reaches a level you predetermine should trigger a manual cleaning.


               The test unit can also be used as a part of your due diligence in evaluating a potential site.  Clearly, soiling at a specific site impacts the selection of your sites.  Having a test unit will allow you to test the exact site you are considering and not have to rely on data from a site “close by” which may or may not be similar.  As we know, soiling can vary greatly from one site to another even when only a few miles apart. 


               The test units can be configured in many different designs.  Contact Heliotex at 760-837-0390 or contact Gene Hunt at gene@heliotex.com to discuss your needs.