Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems: Helpful Articles and Blogs

Here comes summer

As we are approaching the summer high production season here in North America, it is important to ensure that your panels have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.  One of the keys to keeping panels clean is very simply, don’t let them get dirty.    The greater the frequency between cleanings, the more electricity […]

Heliotex installs new commercial systems in Bakersfield, California

Heliotex recently completed the installation of two commercial systems for Advance Beverage Company in Bakersfield, California.  One was a light commercial system with only 135 panels and the other a larger roof mount of 1,512 solar panels.                 Upon completion of the project, the owner has reported an immediate increase of 20 percent in production.  […]

California Forest Fires

This last winter, California again suffered devastating wildfires with extensive loss of property and even loss of several lives.  Like everyone here, we wished that there was something that we could do to help. Recently we were contacted by one of our customers who has solar panels on his roof and a Heliotex Automatic Solar […]