Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems: Helpful Articles and Blogs

Cleaning difficult installation sites

What exactly do we mean by a difficult site? A difficult installation may be due to several factors, including steep geography, high buildings, elevated carports, steep roofs, cantilevered rack systems, panels in high dust areas, such as agricultural areas or simply the large volume of panels. For installations with thousands and thousands of panels, whether […]

Are there different types of soiling to consider?

The answer is a resounding yes.  Soiling, dirt and debris, varies with different areas and also with proximity to different adjacent activities.  Typically we think of dust and dirt, which is common to all warm weather climates primarily, such as farming or desert areas.                 However there is also greasy debris which is usually associated […]

Last call for 2018

December is almost here already and the end of 2018 is approaching.  For new U.S. Solar Systems installed in 2018, we also qualify for the 30% tax credit if you install our system in the same taxable.  If you installed your system in 2018 and are concerned about how you are going to maximize its […]