Cleaning difficult installation sites

P1020484 IMG_1994-1Work truck 1115-1         What exactly do we mean by a difficult site?  A difficult installation may be due to several factors, including steep geography, high buildings, elevated carports, steep roofs, cantilevered rack systems, panels in high dust areas, such as agricultural areas or simply the large volume of panels.

                For installations with thousands and thousands of panels, whether a ground array or rooftop, the sheer volume of panels alone can be the problem.

                When you have large quantities of panels it is difficult to ever have all of your panels clean at the same time.  Typically cleaning crews try to clean sections at a time, moving on as each is completed.  Meanwhile sections that you have just cleaned are now getting dirty again and will not come up in the cleaning rotation for a period of time.  During this delay, you are again losing power.  In many installations, you end up with a full time cleaning crew which completes a cleaning cycle and returns to the first section and starts again.

                A Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System once installed will keep your system clean all the time.  You set the automatic controller to wash and or rinse as frequently as needed. 

As an added bonus, our system does NOT call in sick, ask for pay raises, take vacation or holidays, break roof tiles, snag wires, run into panels with a truck or require Workman’s compensation insurance.  It does not require a truck, vehicle insurance, lift truck, brushes etc., nor does damage the glass, snag fasteners or create damage, especially on uneven rows that settle over time.

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