Heliotex completes installation at Palm Springs Motors

Previously we wrote about Heliotex www.solarpanelcleaningsystems.com obtaining the contract to install our Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System at Palm Springs Motors.  This installation is now complete and running.  The installation at Palm Springs Motors was challenging.  There were 2,730 solar panels at this site; 400 plus panels on the roof of a Lube Building facility.  The remaining 2,300 panels were located on eight different high carport structures.

This installation was quite a challenge.  We were able to utilize the Reverse Osmosis water tanks that Palm Springs Motors has on site for their car washing.  Heliotex utilizes this water supply during the hours of darkness, allowing the reverse osmosis equipment to create the R.O. Water and refill the tanks for use during the day by the auto washing detail shop.

As noted in an earlier article, Palm Springs Motors has opted for Heliotex’s Extended Warranty Maintenance Program for ten years.  During this period, Heliotex will provide semi-annual maintenance which will include testing the system, repairing any defective parts, installing replacement water filters and replacing soap concentrate.

Current U.S. Tax rules provide a great incentive to business currently according to CPAs.  They tell us that businesses installing the carports as a support structure get the 30% tax creditfor the cost of the carports as well as the solar panels and the Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System.  Their remaining costs are deductible over a five year depreciation cycle.  This gives the businesses a great return in the first year, especially when you factor in the additional electricity gained with the inclusion of our Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Systems.  (As always, we recommend you contact your CPA to confirm all tax rules currently in effect.)


Nozzle locations set to accommodate prevailing wind direction (Notice open desert area)

We are familiar with the Coachella Valley as Heliotex www.heliotex.com  is located in Palm Desert, California.  Being aware of the prevailing wind direction, we were able to place our nozzles to allow for wind which will affect spray.  See red arrow above.  The wind comes through the pass there with a vengeance often which is why you see all of the windmills in that pass when you come to Palm Springs.

Also note that the prevailing wind direction pulls up the sand from the vacant lots and throws it onto the panels and everything else.  Remember that our systems allow for manual cleaning cycles to be operated whenever an unusual event occurs between scheduled automatic cycles of the Heliotex System.

As noted above, we operate our systems during the hours of darkness for several reasons.  For wash cycles, the system moves from zone to zone.  During this time, soap concentrate is allowed to lie on the panels and utilize its detergent effect on the dirt and debris.  The rinse cycle then follows and washes off debris that has been loosen by the wash cycle.

Another reason is that we do not want the heat of the day to bake on dirt and debris being loosened during the wash cycle.  In addition, we do not want to interfere with water usage by the business.

A TIP:  The key to keeping solar panels clean is to not allow them to get dirty.  Daily buildup of dust and debris creates a cumulative fractional daily loss in power production.  This is why we have additional rinse cycles programmed between wash cycles.  These rinse cycles work to reduce the amount of debris and dust, thus the wash cycle more effective as the detergent does not have a lot of buildup to remove.

(Composite photo.  The real layout is straight)

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