Heliotex System at Palm Springs Ford is now completed!

Heliotex is pleased to announce that it has completed the Palm Springs Motors installation of our Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System on the new installation of 2,730 solar panels.  Palm Springs Motors has installed solar panels on their lube building and also on new carports that at the site.

La Salle Solar is installing the solar panels for Palm Springs Motors.  Heliotex has been working with La Salle Solar to coordinate installation of our underground piping which is now installed.

Palm Springs Motors has provided the reverse osmosis water for our systems from the reverse osmosis unit they have on site.  This R.O. Unit provides water for their car wash facilities also.  Heliotex provide the water pump to create the water pressure necessary for this system.

Palm Springs Motors has opted for Heliotex’s Extended Warranty Maintenance Program for ten years.  During this period, Heliotex will provide quarterly maintenance which will include testing the system, repairing any defective parts, installing replacement water filters and replacing soap concentrate.