Heliotex System installed on Commercial Building for Abatti in El Centro, California


Heliotex is pleased to announce the completion on the installation of a Heliotex commercial automatic solar panel cleaning system on one of the commercial buildings of the Abatti Company in El Centro, California.

The 832 panel solar system was atop a metal building at the seed processing site in the agricultural area of El Centro, California.  This project presented many challenges including working in extreme heat on a metal roof.  The low mounting angle of the panels also required Heliotex to use our newer version nozzles, which throw more volume and pressure at the panels.  This was particularly required at this site, as this 24 hour operation was creating seeds for farming. 

The amount of blowing husk material, sand and other debris (which can be seen in the photo) was worse than any other site we have encountered to date.  There was so much material that the panels would lose an estimated 15 to 20 percent of their output in ONE WEEK.

The supply water source was also dirty.  This provided yet another challenge to filter and remove the dirt and debris from the source water for use in cleaning.