Is the soiling rate of my solar panels affected by the mounting angle of the panels?

Yes. What it is often overlooked by studies is that solar panels mounted at less than five degrees (almost dead flat) have a problem. When panels are mounted like this, the metal frame around the panel prevents water from running off of the panel. This is because the aluminum frame extends up approximately 1/8th inch above the glass. For these installations, water simply stands and is evaporated leaving all the dirt and debris on the panels. In fact, we will not even install our automatic systems on panels mounted at less than a five degree angle because of this, if they are framed panels. We recommend that you not mount panels at less than five degrees for that reason. Also, typically low angles do not produce the maximum solar output for a panel in North America. Note: most residential panels are framed. Some commercial sites use a frameless panel.P1020998