One stop shopping for Leaking Roofs with Solar panels in California

                Ten years ago, there were many new solar panel installation companies.  Some of these had jumped into the industry due to the slowdown in construction.  Ten years later, we are finding that some of these companies, did not know how to properly install solar panel rack systems.  This is especially true of installations on tile roofs.

                Because these penetrations into the roof were improperly done, customers with older installations are now experiencing roof leaks.  Unfortunately, by the time the leaks are discovered there is considerable damage to roof sheeting, insulation and wallboard ceilings.  Most of the companies who did these installations are now out of business.

                At Heliotex, we have been contacted by several solar panel system owners, who have experienced roof leaks due to improper solar panel rack installations.  In order to address this, we have put together a team of roofing experts, electricians and ourselves to provide a one stop shopping for repairing the problem.

                The fix is not easy as one might imagine.  Trying to contract with several different contractors to coordinate scheduling removal, repair and replacement is difficult.  The fix involves removing all solar panels, removing the solar panel racking, removing the roofing and solar panel rack system penetrations into the roof, in some cases removing damaged roof sheeting and replacing wet insulation.

                The repair is as follows: replace the damaged sheeting, install new roof stanchions for the racking system, installing the new roofing underlayment, installing the new three-tab roofing, installing the correct roof jacks (flashing) over each stanchion, re-installing the racking system and then re-installing the solar panels.  Note that the three tab extends beyond the racking system, but then the tile is put back over (glued) to the three-tab roofing to make the installation look correct.  No three-tab roofing is visible after the repair.

                Once all of these repairs are completed, the electrician then re-connects the solar panel system and checks to ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

                This is also a good time to evaluate your system to ensure that it still meets your needs.  If you want to add additional panels to increase your solar output, it would save money to do it at the same time.

                Whether you are a Heliotex customer or not, please contact us at 760-837-0390 if you have a solar panel system on your roof and are experiencing roof leaks.  We will be glad to assist you.