Return on Investment for Commercial Systems 1

The Return on Investment (ROI) for commercial systems is excellent, particularly when contrasted against manual cleaning options.
Manual cleaning is normally an annual deduction (not credit) for the cost of labor and materials.
With an automatic system, you front load your project costs.

Tax Advantages

When the Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System is installed in conjunction with your new commercial solar panel project (same taxable year), it is eligible for the same tax credits as the solar system. In addition, the remaining project cost for our system can be placed into a five year depreciation schedule. Additional tax advantages can be obtained by prepaying as much of the project lifetime costs as possible so that they also enjoy being a part of the credit and deductions (example is paying for soap concentrate in advance). Note: as always, we advise you to contact your CPA for confirmation of all tax credit and deduction information).