Install a solar panel cleaning system and receive a 30% federal tax credit

If you’ve been on the fence concerning whether or not to invest in solar panels, consider one more financial benefit on top of the savings you’ll experience in your electrical bills. The federal government is offering a 30% tax credit not only for new solar panel installations, but also for solar panel cleaning systems like those offered right here at Heliotex when installed with your new system. That means if you install solar panels or one of our cleaning systems at your home or business you’ll be doing so at a significantly reduced price, with the rest going directly into your pocket!

Here are the particulars regarding this tax credit:

  • This credit is good for 30% of the cost of purchasing and installing your solar panels
  • This credit is available to those whose solar electric systems were placed in service after 2008 (1/1/09 to the present)
  • Systems placed in service prior to 1/1/09 are limited to a tax credit of $2,000
  • This credit is available for residences or businesses
  • For commercial installations, the remaining 70% can be deducted over five years using an accelerated depreciation schedule

This credit speaks to the good solar panels can do; not only for you, your environmental goals and the money you’ll save on energy costs by installing them but also for your community, your city and your state. You’ll be amazed at the affordability of solar panels, as well as the solar panel cleaning systems we offer right here at Heliotex. And of course all of these items are made even more affordable by virtue of the substantial tax credit you’ll be eligible for.

Going solar is the right thing to do on so many levels. It is a wonderful thing to be able to put money back in your pocket by virtue of doing something that is for the greater good. The money you’ll save by virtue of this tax credit is well-deserved, because the energy you’ll be saving as a result of your solar panels promises to be significant.

Learn more about our solar panel cleaning systems, and take advantage of this tax credit while it lasts!

** As always, we recommend that you check with your own CPA to verify all tax credits and deductions.