Heliotex installs new commercial systems in Bakersfield, California

Heliotex recently completed the installation of two commercial systems for Advance Beverage Company in Bakersfield, California.  One was a light commercial system with only 135 panels and the other a larger roof mount of 1,512 solar panels.

                Upon completion of the project, the owner has reported an immediate increase of 20 percent in production.  This is hardly a surprise.  Bakersfield is a central California city with a lot of agricultural areas, hot and dusty.        

                If you own a commercial system, please contact us so that we may let you know how you can increase the Return on Investment on your solar power system.

Please contact us at 760-837-0390 if we may assist you in your solar panel cleaning needs or you wish to inquire about an automatic solar panel cleaning system which will simplify future cleaning and assist you in maximizing you return on your solar panel investment.