Here comes summer

As we are approaching the summer high production season here in North America, it is important to ensure that your panels have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.  One of the keys to keeping panels clean is very simply, don’t let them get dirty.   

The greater the frequency between cleanings, the more electricity is lost.  Heliotex systems allow you the opportunity to keep the panels clean all the time, not just a couple of times a year.

Our automatic system’s controller allows you to easily change the frequency and duration of either wash or rinse cycles, or both.  This comes in handy for seasonal changes where one would want to wash the panels more frequently.  It also is convenient when usual weather conditions occur, such as long dusty wind events.  As an example, we have just had about ten days of high wind conditions here in Palm Desert, California.  We were able to simply run additional rinse cycles (water only) daily to overcome the dust that was in the air and covering the panels with a light coat of dust each day.

                Please contact us at 760-837-0390 if we may assist you in your solar panel cleaning needs or you wish to inquire about an automatic solar panel cleaning system which will simplify future cleaning and assist you in maximizing you return on your solar panel investment.