What about water consumption?

Water consumption will vary with the design. The best design for us is an array where there are multiple rows of panels. The worst layout is a single row in landscape design. The amount of minutes a wash cycle or an independent rinse cycle occurs depends on the environmental conditions at your specific site.

Also the frequency of wash or rinse cycles will vary. In dirty conditions, or dirtier than normal seasons, the automatic programmer can be set to rinse or wash more frequently. Frequent rinse cycles keep the dirt and debris from building up and make wash cycles more effective. Preventing buildup also reduces daily fractional power loss, which is cumulative. For a multi-panel layout, figure about one U.S. quart of water per panel per minute for standard size panels (approximately 34 inches by 60 inches). Actual consumption can only be determined when your specific design is sent to us.

Note the picture attached which shows a closed panel array which does not allow water to run between openings between panels. This type of layout better uses water and even provides an opportunity to collect water and recycle it utilizing a system of gutters, sediment filters, holding tanks and a pump to create system pressure. Depending on your location, such as a rooftop, know that a lot of dirt and debris can come down the drain. A good debris filter system would be critical to keeping the recycled water clean. Dirty water should not be reused to wash or rinse panels.

Note that another wise design is to capture the water and channel it into a distribution box and then into perforated lines to irrigate landscaping or crops. In that way water is used twice. Recall in an earlier article that I noted that our soap concentrate is biodegradable even over time with constant use.